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First aid



The primary help offered to the victims of disasters before actual medical treatment is available is known as first aid.

Concept: First Aid and Emergency Action
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Chapter 10: Disaster Management - Define


Give one example of An antibiotic

A viral disease caused by the bite of a dog 

Multiple choice questions. Tick (✓) the correct choice: 

 Which of the following is a disease caused by bacteria?  

  1. cholera 
  2. AIDS
  3. malaria
  4. rabies

Fill in the blanks : 

Over-eating causes a disease called.................. 

Mention the causal organisms of the following diseases: 


Multiple choice questions. Tick (✓) the correct choice: 

First vaccine was produced by   

  1. Pasteur
  2. A. Fleming
  3. Jenner 
  4. Robert Hooke

Fill in the blank: 

The disease caused by the bite of a mad dog is.................. 

Define the following: 


Write, in brief, about the following: 

First-aid measures in case of cuts, burns, bites and stings.

 Give differences between the following:
First degree burn and second degree burn.  

Give the first aid measures in case of second degree burns. 

What should be done if the gas cylinder at your home catches fire?
a) Water should be sprinkled.
b) Sand, soil should be put at it.
c) Cylinder should be covered with wet blanket.
d) One should run away.

Answer the question.

 Why is it essential to get the training of first aid?

Answer the question.

Which different methods are used for transportation of patients? Why?

Write down the reasons, effects and remedial measures taken for any two disasters experienced by you.

Re-write the statement by selecting the appropriate option.
What will you do, if the domestic gas cylinder bursts?

Write what the sign indicate.

Write what the sign indicate.

Explain with suitable examples, the care to be taken when using the methods of transporting patients.

Write note.

Principles of first aid. 

How is first aid provided to victims of disasters who are injured? 

Mention if the following statement is true or false:

Passive immunity develops after having a disease.

Define the following:


Define the following:


Define the following:

Acquired disease  

Give Technical Terms: The unpleasant symptoms as a result of an excessive immune response or hypersensitivity.

A viral disease totally eradicated through mass immunization.

Complete the following sentence with appropriate word:

Dettol is an ______.

Whenever you have deep wounds or burns, it is advised to take:

Foreign substances which elicit the formation of antibodies are called:

What first aid will you provide in the following situation?

Dog bite

What first aid will you provide in the following situation?

Scratches/ bleeding

What first aid will you provide in the following situation?


What first aid will you provide in the following situation?


What first aid will you provide in the following situation?


Find out about the work of a ‘Sarpa-Mitra’.

Find out what a first aid kit/box contains.

Enlist the necessary materials in the First-Aid kit.

Give an example of disaster due to unawareness.

The first aid is to ______.

State true or false. If false, correct the statement.

First – degree burns damage the whole skin.

First degree burn : Epidermis :: Second degree burn : ______.

Sobi frequently playing with her mobile, suggest your ideas to protect his eye from irritation?

What first aid will you provide in the case of bruises?

Ravi said, Ganga had minor burn, so I washed it with water. Do you agree with his statement? Explain, why?

Why first aid is essential?

List the situations in which first aid is given. What would you do if a person suffers from skin burns?

Assertion (A): We must offer first aid to a bleeding person.
Reason (R): We must not use gloves while helping them.

Give a scientific reason.

Why it is essential to get training of first aid?


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