Define Eutrophication. - Biology (Theory)


Define Eutrophication.



Eutrophication: The process by which a body of water enriched in dissolved nutrients (such as phosphates) that stimulates the growth of aquatic algae usually resulting in the depletion of dissolved oxygen.

Concept: Biodiversity
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What is Red Data Book?

Identify 'a' and 'b' in the figure given below representing proportionate number of major vertebrate taxa.

Name the type biodiversity represented by the following: 

(a) 50,000 different strains of rice in India.

(b) Estuaries and alpine meadows in India

Mention the kind of biodiversity of more than a thousand varieties of mangoes in India represent. How is it possible?

Name the three important components of biodiversity.

What are the major causes of species losses in a geographical region?

Give one significant contribution of the given scientist

E. Wilson

Define Hotspots

Define Ramsar Sites

Define Biodiversity

Explain the effect on the characteristics of a river when urban sewage is discharged into it.

Write the difference between genetic biodiversity and species biodiversity that exists at all the levels of biological organisation.

Enlist various types of species diversity.

By given the example of a tree explain various types species diversity.

Explain the Rivet Popper hypothesis.

Explain the chemiosmotic hypothesis for ATP synthesis.

Why do we need abiotic factors?

Very Short Answer Type Question:
Name some plants found on mountains.

Very Short Answer Type Question:
Name two organisms that live in deserts.

Very Short Answer Type Question:
Name a few plants that live in ponds.

Very Short Answer Type Question:
Name the habitat where various types of fish live.

Very Short Answer Type Question:
Name a common thing in all fishes.

Very Short Answer Type Question:
What is the function of gill?

Very Short Answer Type Question:
Name the animal which is called the ship of desert.

Amoeba moves with the help of ______.

Camel stores ______ in its hump.

Name the locomotory organ of Amoeba.

What are the adaptations seen in different types of vertebrates?

Describe the various features which help camel dwell well in the desert.

True (or) False. If false write the correct answer.

Fishes are aquatic vertebrates.

True (or) False. If false write the correct answer.

Animal cells have cell wall.

Define – dichotomous key

True or False – If False give the correct answer

Animals are the greatest gift of nature

True or False – If False give the correct answer

Horse hair is used as bristles in small painting brushes.

Match the following

1. Cocoons Meat
2. Peace silk Poultry
3. Broilers Silk worm
4. Sweet Liquid Andhra pradesh
5. Goat Honey

Solanum trilobatum is the binomial name of Thoothuvalai. The word ‘Solanum’ refers to

Find the group having only marine members.

_____ joints are immovable.

Cockroach moves with the help of its

Skull in humans consists of 22 bones.

Which of the following region has maximum biodiversity.

Who introduced the term biodiversity?

What are the three levels of biodiversity?

Compare and Contrast the insitu and exsitu conservation.

Why do we find a decrease in biodiversity distribution, if we move from the tropics towards the poles?

About how many national parks are present in India?

All among the following are narrowly utilitarian reasons for conservation of biodiversity EXCEPT ______.

Number of national parks and sanctuaries in Maharashtra are around ____________ and ____________ respectively.

The same land which is used for both cropping and forestry is ______ 

The Extinction of spices is called ______.

The wide variety of living organisms that are found on the planet is called ______.

Assertion (A): A stable biosphere has to be conserved.
Reason (R): The loss of biodiversity affects land, water, air, etc.

Write a note on Biodiversity.

Write a note on

Loss of biodiversity.

The extinction of species (flora and fauna) due to human and natural influences is called ______.

Assertion (A): In Biodiversity each species, no matter how big of small has an important role to play in the ecosystem.
Reason (R): It maintains the ecological balance.

Give reason for the following.

Stable biosphere has to be conserved.

Give reason for the following.

The Primary cause of today’s loss of biodiversity.

Which is not a biotic community among the following?

______ is not oviparous.

Name the correct taxonomic hierarchy in the classification of the plant kingdom:

Presence of metameric segmentation is one of the most significant characteristics of ______.

Flame cells in invertebrates are mainly associated with:

Which of the following respiratory pigment is present in the blood of cockroaches?

Which of the following are important components of biodiversity.

Which of the following countries has the highest biodiversity?

Among the ecosystem mentioned below where can one bind maximum biodiversity?

The active chemical drug resespite is obtained from ______.

Which of the following groups exhibit more species diversity?

Place suggested for studying mangrove vegetation is ______.

The ______ can swim faster than a cheetah.

Which is the state bird of Tamil Nadu?

______ is an example of bony fish.

The binomial name of our National Bird is ______.

In birds, the air sacs communicate with ______.

Match the following:

1. Cartilaginous a. Mullets
2. Bony fishes b. Sharks
3. Pneumatic bones c. Reptiles
4. Three chambered heart d. Birds

Write the binomials of 

  1. Man 
  2. Tapeworm

What is the binomial name?

Mention two features are seen in Aves to aid in flying.

Write a note on aves.

Genetic diversity refers to ______. 

Why is genetic variation important in the plant Rauwolfia vomitoria?

Suggest a place where one can go to study coral reefs, mangrove vegetation and estuaries.

The number of taxa present within a particular area or an ecosystem is ______.

Greater biological diversity of tropics than temperate regions is due to the ______.

Ecological diversity exists at community level and is of three types. Select the correctly matched option for ecological diversity

Log S =log C = Z log A is the equation that depicts relation between______.

Explain how species diversity can harm ecosystem.


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