Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationHSC Science Class 12th

Define ARPANET. - Computer Applications

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First In 1969, four nodes of ARPANET were connected between four universities namely the University of California at Los Angeles, at Santa Barbara, the Stanford Research Institute and the University of Utah using the 50 Kbit/s circuits.

Packet-switched networks was the theoretical work to model was performed by Leonard Kleinrock, ARPANET was which underpinned the development of it and his theoretical work on hierarchical routing in the late 1970 s with his student Farouk Kamoun remains critical to the operation of the Internet today.

Concept: History of Computer Networking and the Internet
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Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Class 12th Computer Application Answers Guide
Chapter 10 Introduction to Computer Networks
Evaluation - PART – III | Q 1. | Page 145

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