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Define a radian? - Physics

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Define a radian?



One radian is the angle subtended at the center of a circle by an arc that is equal in length to the radius of the circle.
1 rad = 57.295°

Concept: Projectile Motion
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Chapter 2: Kinematics - Evaluation [Page 100]



Two objects are projected at angles 30° and 60° respectively with respect to the horizontal direction. The range of two objects is denoted as R30° and R60°. Choose the correct relation from the following.

Define angular displacement.

An object at an angle such that the horizontal range is 4 times the maximum height. What is the angle of projection of the object?

An object of mass m has angular acceleration α = 0.2 rad s-2. What is the angular displacement covered by the object after 3 seconds? (Assume that the object started with angle zero with zero angular velocity).

An object is executing uniform circular motion with an angular speed of `pi/12` radians per second. At t = 0 the object starts at an angle θ = 0 What is the angular displacement of the particle after 4 s?

If an object is thrown horizontally with an initial speed of 10 ms -1 from the top of a building of height 100 m. What is the horizontal distance covered by the particle?

A football player hits the ball with a speed of 20 m s-1 with an angle of 30° with respect to horizontal direction as shown in the figure. The goal post is at a distance of 40 m from him. Find out whether the ball reaches the goal post?


An object is thrown with an initial speed of 5 m s-1 with an angle of projection of 30°. What is the height and range reached by the particle?

If Earth completes one revolution in 24 hours, what is the angular displacement made by Earth in one hour? Express your answer in both radian and degree.


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