Curved Surface Area of a Right Circular Cylinder is 4.4 `M^2`. If the Radius of the Base of the Cylinder is 0.7 M, Find Its Height. - Mathematics

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Curved surface area of a right circular cylinder is 4.4 `m^2`. If the radius of the base of the cylinder is 0.7 m, find its height.

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Given that
Radius of base of the cylinder `e_r = 0.7m`
Curved surface area of cylinder =` 4.4m^2 = 2πrh`
Let h be the height of the cylinder
`2πrh = 4.4m^2`
2×30.14×0.7×h =4.4

`(4.4)hm -4.4m^2`
∴The height of the cylinder= 1m.

Concept: Surface Area of Cylinder
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 19 Surface Areas and Volume of a Circular Cylinder
Exercise 19.1 | Q 1 | Page 8

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