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Cultural Tourism is Travel to Experience the Arts Or History of a Location Or Travel to Immerse Oneself in the Language, Society, Or Culture of a Region. - English Core

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 Cultural Tourism is travel to experience the arts or history of a location or travel to immerse oneself in the language, society, or culture of a region.

This brings people into contact with each other and can foster understanding between different people and cultures. This helps people to develop mutual sympathy and understanding and to reduce prejudices. The jobs created by tourism can act as a very important motivation to reduce emigration from rural areas.

However, this causes cultural and environmental destruction. Moreover, at times tribes do not survive infections that are got into the area by the tourists. 

Write an article on “The Two Sides of Tourism Industry”.

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The Two Sides of Tourism Industry

Tourism. specially cultural tourism has two sides. First let us be clear what it means It means coming in contact of people whose culture is different from your own. Obviously, the people who come as tourists do not want to experience much inconvenience. So for, the host country it means an investment and a commitment. This country has to invest in improving the infrastructure and maintaining its heritage. Thus valuable national resources are spent in becoming good hosts.

But it can also be a powerful economic development tool Countries like Malaysia have survived basically on tourism. Tourism creates millions of jobs, provides new business opportunities and strengthens the local economy If properly used, it can help to protect nation's natural and cultural treasures. It can help also to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors a like.

However, the destruction of local culture as a result of tourism is well-documented. To attract more and more tourists, some governments and organizations offer the visitors stage culture instead of the real street culture. Thus the visitors have a lop-sided view of the country's culture. In a multi-ethnic society like that of India, it causes a lot of heart-burning in those groups which are ignored. For example. in India the government advertises to the tourists much about the Mughal monuments. This clearly irritates other people whose ancestors· monuments are equally important. Last but not least,* the chain of visitors causes damage to the heritage cities. So the basic purpose of cultural tourism is itself defeated .

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