Crossword Puzzle Across 1. Special Tubes Through Which Food Material is Carried Inside the Plants Body. 3. Channel Through Which Movement of Water and Minerals Occurs. 4. Red Coloured Fluid Inside Blood Vessels. 5. Loss of Water in Vapour from the Leaves. 9. Four Chambered Organ Located in the Chest Cavity. 10. Blood Vessels Which Bring Blood into the Heart. Down 2. Red Coloured Pigment Which is a Carrier of Oxygen. 6. Blood Vessels Which Carry Blood from the Heart. 7. Blood Cells Which Help in Clotting of Blood. 8. Process by Which Water Passes into the Root Hair. - Biology


Crossword Puzzle
1. Special tubes through which food material is carried inside the plants body.
3. Channel through which movement of water and minerals occurs.
4. Red coloured fluid inside blood vessels.
5. Loss of water in vapour from the leaves.
9. Four chambered organ located in the chest cavity.
10. Blood vessels which bring blood into the heart. DOWN
2. Red coloured pigment which is a carrier of oxygen.
6. Blood vessels which carry blood from the heart.
7. Blood cells which help in clotting of blood.
8. Process by which water passes into the root hair.



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