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Explain Any One Method of Crop Production Which Ensures High Yield. - CBSE Class 9 - Science

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Explain any one method of crop production which ensures high yield.

Solution 1

Crop rotationis one of the methods of crop production that ensures high yield. It is the method of growing two or more varieties of crops on the same land in sequential seasons. A crop utilises some particular nutrients in larger quantities from the soil. Then, if the same crop is grown in subsequent seasons those nutrients will get depleted in the soil. Therefore, crops having different nutrient requirements are rotated. For example, legumes which have nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their root nodules supply the soil with nitrogen. Therefore, these legumes are rotated with nitrogen requiring cereals such as wheat and maize. This method reduces the need of fertilizers, thereby increasing the overall yield of crops.

Solution 2

One method used for crop production which ensures high yield is plant breeding. It is the science involved in improving the varieties of crops by breeding plants. The plants from different areas/places is picked up with desired traits and then hybridisation or cross-breeding of these varieties is done to obtain a plant/crop of desired characteristic.
The high yielding crop variety shows the following characteristics:
High yield, early maturation, less water for irrigation, better quality seeds are produced, less fertilizers required, adapts itself to the environmental conditions.

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 NCERT Solution for Science Textbook for Class 9 (2018 to Current)
Chapter 15: Improvement in Food Resources
Q: 1 | Page no. 214
Solution Explain Any One Method of Crop Production Which Ensures High Yield. Concept: Crop Protection Management.
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