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Critically Evaluate the Difficulties Involved in Implementing the Suggested Reforms to Reconstruct the UN. - Political Science

Short Note

Critically evaluate the difficulties involved in implementing the suggested reforms to reconstruct the UN.

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The following are the question marks in implementing the suggested reforms to reconstruct the UN:

  1. How big an economic and military power may qualify to become UNSC membership?
  2. What level of budget contribution should be enabled?
  3. No guarantee to be effective as Council Member in respect for democracy and human rights.
  4. Why should the issue of equitable representation decided by geography? Why not by levels of economic development?
  5. Why not to give more seats to members of developing world?

All the above mentioned criteria which were adopted bud not universally accepted. Hence, the difficulties were involved.

Concept: India and the Un Reforms
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NCERT Class 12 Political Science - Contemporary World Politics
Chapter 6 International Organisations
Exercise | Q 10 | Page 98
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