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“Credit Can Play a Positive Role.” Justify the Statement with Arguments. - Social Science

Answer in Brief

 “Credit can play a positive role.”  Justify the statement with arguments. 

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Festival Season It is festival season two months from now and the shoe manufacturer, Salim, has received an order from a large trader in town for 3,000 pairs of shoes to be delivered in a month time. To complete production on time, Salim has to hire a few more workers for stitching and pasting work. He has to purchase the raw materials. To meet these expenses, Salim obtains loans from two sources. First, he asks the leather supplier to supply leather now and promises to pay him later. Second, he obtains loan in cash from the large trader as advance payment for 1000 pairs of shoes with a promise to deliver the whole order by the end of the month. At the end of the month, Salim is able to deliver the order, make a good profit, and repay the money that he had borrowed.

           In above situation credit helps to increase earnings and therefore the person is better off than before.

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