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Creation of New All India Services. Enable Parliament to Enact Law on a Subject in State List. Enforcing Proclamation of Emergency When Lok Sabha is Dissolved - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


Which of the following are the exclusive powers of Rajya Sabha under the Constitution of India?

  1. Creation of new All India Services.
  2. Enable Parliament to enact law on a subject in State List.
  3. Enforcing proclamation of emergency when Lok Sabha is dissolved.


  • I, II

  • II, Ill

  • I, Ill

  • I, II, Ill

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I, II, Ill


Rajya Sabha in India's Parliament has certain exclusive powers with respect to the following:  1-Enable the parliament to make law on a matter of state list  2-Creation of new All India Services.  3-Enforcing proclamation of emergency when Lok  Sabha is dissolved.

Concept: Polity Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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