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Crackers Ltd., a Firecracker-manufacturing Company, Launched Some New Products on the Eve of Diwali, Which Attracted Many Buyers Identify and Explain the Important Product-related Decision that Was Not Taken into Consideration by the Company Also, Identify Any Two Values that Were Violated by the Company. - Business Studies

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Crackers Ltd., a firecracker-manufacturing company, launched some new products on the eve of Diwali, which attracted many buyers. To meet the increased demand, the company employed children from nearby villages. Although the product was in great demand, appropriate safety warnings for use were not mentioned in the packets that led to many accidents.

  • Identify and explain the important product-related decision that was not taken into consideration by the company
  • Also, identify any two values that were violated by the company.
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1) Labelling refers to providing information about the product in the form of a tag and graphic on the package of the product. It describes the product and specifies its components or other useful information such as the caution to be taken while using it and the procedure of use. Here, the company did not provide the proper description of the usage of crackers, which may lead to accidents.

2) Values which were violated by the company are (a) Employing children, which is against the child labour law and (b) Not protecting the safety of consumers.

Concept: Product - Labelling
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