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Solution for Write ‘four’ characteristics of co-ordinate complex ion. - HSC Science (Electronics) 12th Board Exam - Chemistry

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Write ‘four’ characteristics of co-ordinate complex ion.


a. Generally a transition metal ion is the central metal ion in a complex.
b. An ion loses its individual properties and acquires the Properties of the complex ion, which it forms.
c. The complex ion can dissociate to a slight extent in the solution however it retains its identity. The strength of bond between the central metal and ligands determines the degree of dissociation.
d. The algebraic sum of the charges of the constituent ions is the net charge of the complex ion.
e. The stability of chelate complex is higher than those complexes which are similar but nonchelated.

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Solution for question: Write ‘four’ characteristics of co-ordinate complex ion. concept: Coordination Compounds - Introduction. For the courses HSC Science (Electronics), HSC Science (Computer Science), HSC Science (General)
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