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Contrast the “elections” in Uttaramerur with presentday panchayat elections. - Social Science

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Contrast the “elections” in Uttaramerur with present day panchayat elections.

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The system of election in Uttaramerur was quite different from that of the present day panchayat elections. In Uttaramerur election the names of the persons eligible to be members of the committees were written on small tickets of palm leaves. The tickets were put into an earthenware pot. Thereafter a young boy was asked to take out the tickets, one by one for each committee. But the present day panchayat members are elected through a general election. The names of the total members are printed with a symbol allotted to them on a paper called ballot paper. The voter put a stamp over their choice and drops it in a ballot box. Votes are counted and the winners’ name is declared by the Returning Officer. Every procedure is organized by a statutory body.

Concept: Administration in the Kingdoms
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NCERT Social Science - Our Past 2 Class 7 CBSE
Chapter 2 New Kings And Kingdoms
Let’s discuss | Q 10 | Page 29
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