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SSC (English Medium) Class 10th Board Exam - Geography and Economics: Consumer Protection - Consumer Protection - Rights and Duties of Cunsumer, Food Adulteration

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What are the most common business malpractices?


The common business malpractices which prevail in the market are
i. Sale of adulterated goods, i.e. addition of inferior substances to the product being sold.
ii. Sale of sub-standard goods, i.e. sale of goods which do not confirm to the prescribed quality standards.
iii. Use of false weights and measures leading to losses.
iv. Supply of defective goods.
v. Misleading advertisements, i.e. advertisements falsely claiming a product or service to be of superior quality, grade or standard.
vi. Sale of spurious goods, i.e. selling something of little value instead of the real product.
vii. Sale of duplicate goods.
viii. Hoarding and black-marketing which leads to scarcity and rise in prices.
ix. Charging more than the maximum retail price (MRP) fixed for the product.

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 2014-2015 (March) (with solutions)
Question 7.2 | 4.00 marks
Solution Concept: Consumer Protection - Rights and Duties of Cunsumer, Food Adulteration.
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