Social Science: Consumer Rights - Rise of Consumer Awareness

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How has a three-tier quasi-judicial machinery been set up for redressal of consumer disputes? Explain.

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A major step was taken in 1986 by the Indian government when it enacted the Consumer Protection Act 1986, popularly known as COPRA. Under COPRA, a three-tier quasi-judicial machinery at the district, state and national levels has been set up for redressal of consumer disputes. The consumer movement in India has led to the formation of various organisations locally known as consumer forums or consumer protection councils. They guide consumers on how to file cases in the consumer court. On many occasions, they also represent individual consumers in the consumer courts. These voluntary organisations also receive financial support from the government for creating awareness among the people. Thus, the Act has enabled us as consumers to have the right to represent in the consumer courts.

Concept: Rise of Consumer Awareness
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2013-2014 (March) Delhi Set 1

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