Construct an Age Pyramid Which Reflects a Stable Growth Status of Human Population. - Biology


Construct an age pyramid which reflects a stable growth status of human population.



The age pyramid that reflects a stable growth status of human population can be represented as follows:

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2013-2014 (March) Delhi Set 1


Represent diagrammatically three kinds of age-pyramids for human populations.

How does an age pyramid for human population at given point of time helps the policy-makers in planning for future.

"Analysis of age-pyramids for human population can provide important inputs for long-term planning strategies." Explain.

Define population and community.

What is an age-pyramid?

Define the Carrying capacity.

What is reproductive fitness? Explain it with the help of an example. 

Study the flow chart given below and complete the equation that follows by identifying 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Nt + 1 = Nt + {(1+ 2) − (3 + 4)}

Mention the different ways by which the population density of different species can be measured.

Animals that can move from fresh water to sea called as ________.

Give an account of population regulation.

Measures of ‘Central tendency’ refer to:

Nutrient enrichment of water body result.

The phenomenal and rapid increase of population in a short period is called ______.

Population having large number of postreproductive and small number of prereproductive age group is called

`"dN"/"dt" = "rN" (("K"- "N")/"K")` in logistic growth "K" represents:

Age distribution in a population can influence

What parameters are used for tiger census in our country’s national parks and sanctuaries?

The density of a population in a habitat per unit area is measured in different units. Write the unit of measurement against the following:


Identify the type of pyramid given above. Write the identifying feature on the basis of which you identified it.

Important attributes belonging to a population but not to an individual are:

  1. Birth rate and death rate
  2. Male and female
  3. Birth and death
  4. Sex-ratio

Select the correct option from the given options:

With the help of neatly labelled diagrams, explain the different types of age pyramids of human population.


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