Construct a δAbc in Which Bc = 3.6 Cm, Ab + Ac = 4.8 Cm and ∠B = 60°. - Mathematics

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Construct a ΔABC in which BC = 3.6 cm, AB + AC = 4.8 cm and ∠B = 60°.

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Steps of construction:
1. Draw a line segment BC of 3.6cm.
2. At the point B, draw `∠`xBC  of 60°
3. With center B and radius 4.8cm, draw an arc which intersects XB at D.
4. Join DC
5. Draw the perpendicular bisector of DC which intersects DB at A.
6. Join AC
Hence ΔABCis the required triangle

Concept: Some Constructions of Triangles
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 16 Constructions
Exercise 16.3 | Q 1 | Page 18

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