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Considering the Elements F, Cl, O and N, the Correct Order of Their Chemical Reactivity in Terms of Oxidizing Property Is:- - Chemistry

Considering the elements F, Cl, O and N, the correct order of their chemical reactivity in terms of oxidizing property is:-

(a) F > Cl > O > N

(b) F > O > Cl > N

(c) Cl > F > O > N

(d) O > F > N > Cl

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Solution 1

The oxidizing character of elements increases from left to right across a period. Thus, we get the decreasing order of oxidizing property as F > O > N.

Again, the oxidizing character of elements decreases down a group. Thus, we get F > Cl.

However, the oxidizing character of O is more than that of Cl i.e., O > Cl.

Hence, the correct order of chemical reactivity of F, Cl, O, and N in terms of their oxidizing property is F > O > Cl > N.

Solution 2

Within a period, the oxidising character increases from left to right. Therefore, among F, O and N, oxidising power decreases in the order: F > O > N. However, within a group, oxidising power decreases from top to bottom. Thus, F is a stronger oxidising agent than Cl. Further because O is more electronegative than Cl, therefore, O is a stronger oxidising agent than Cl. Thus, overall decreasing order of oxidising power is: F > O > Cl > N, i.e., option (b) is correct.

Concept: Periodic Trends and Chemical Reactivity
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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 3 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Q 40 | Page 95
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