Considering the Case of a Parallel Plate Capacitor Being Charged, Show How One is Required to Generalize Ampere'S Circuital Law to Include the Term Due to Displacement Current. - Physics

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Considering the case of a parallel plate capacitor being charged, show how one is required to generalize Ampere's circuital law to include the term due to displacement current.

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Using Gauss’ law, the electric flux ΦE of a parallel plate capacitor having an area A, and a total charge Q is



Where electric field is


As the charge Q on the capacitor plates changes with time, so current is given by

i = dQ/dt



This is the missing term in Ampere’s circuital law.

So the total current through the conductor is

i = Conduction current (ic) + Displacement current (id)


As Ampere’s circuital law is given by


After modification we have Ampere−Maxwell law is given as


The total current passing through any surface, of which the closed loop is the perimeter, is the sum of the conduction and displacement current.

Concept: The Parallel Plate Capacitor
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