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Consider the Following Two Statements. (A) If Heat is Added to a System, Its Temperature Must Increase. (B) If Positive Work is Done by a System in a Thermodynamic Process, Its Volume Must Increase. - Physics


Consider the following two statements.

(A) If heat is added to a system, its temperature must increase.

(B) If positive work is done by a system in a thermodynamic process, its volume must increase.


  • Both A and B are correct

  • A is correct but B is wrong

  • B is correct but A is wrong

  • Both A and B are wrong

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B is correct but A is wrong


If heat is added to a system in an isothermal process, then there'll be no change in the temperature.

Work done by system, ΔW = P Δ V

⇒ ΔW = Positive ⇒ ΔV = Positive


P = Pressure

ΔV = change in volume

Concept: Heat, Internal Energy and Work
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HC Verma Class 11, Class 12 Concepts of Physics Vol. 2
Chapter 4 Laws of Thermodynamics
MCQ | Q 6 | Page 61
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