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Identify the solutions among the following mixtures:-

(a) Soil

(b) Sea water

(c) Air

(d) Coal

(e) Soda water


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Write the steps you would use for making tea. Use the words: solution, solvent, solute, dissolve, soluble, insoluble, filtrate and residue.

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Pragya tested the solubility of three different substances at different temperatures and collected the data as given below( results are given in the following table, as grams of substance dissolved in 100 grams of water to form a saturated solution).

Substance dissolvedTemperature in K
Potassium nitrate213262106167
Sodium chloride3636363737
Potassium chloride3535404654
Ammonium chloride2437415566

(a)  What mass of potassium nitrate would be needed to produce a saturated solution of potassium nitrate in 50 grams of water at 313 K?

(b)  Pragya makes a saturated solution of potassium chloride in water at 353 K and leaves the solution to cool at room temperature. What would she observe as the solution cools? Explain.

(c)  Find the solubility of each salt at 293 K. What salt has the highest solubility at this temperature?

(d)  What is the effect of change of temperature on the solubility of a salt?

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Solution for concept: Concept of Solution. For the course 8th-10th CBSE