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Explain the Working Of a Gear System. - ICSE Class 10 - Physics

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Explain the working of a gear system.


Working: Each tooth of a gear acts like a small lever of class I. A gear when in operation, can be considered as a lever with an additional property that it can be continuously rotated instead of moving back and forth as is the case with an ordinary lever. Each gear wheel is mounted on an axle which rotates at a speed depending upon the motion transmitted to it. The gear wheel closer to the source of power is called the driver, while the gear wheel which receives motion from the driver is called the driven gear. The driven gear rotates in a direction opposite to the driving gear when the two gears make an external contact. On the other hand, if the gears make an internal contact, both gears rotate in the same direction.

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Solution Explain the Working Of a Gear System. Concept: Concept of Pulley System.
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