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Two years ago Nishant, completed his degree in Textile Engineering. He worked for sometime in a company manufacturing readymade garments. He was not happy in the company and decided to have his own readymade garments manufacturing unit. He set the objectives and the targets and formulate action plan to achieve the same. One of his objectives was to earn 80% profit on the amount invested in the first year. It was decided that raw materials like cloth, thread, buttons etc. will be purchased on two months credit. He also decided to follow the steps required for marketing the products through his own outlets. He appointed Ritesh as a production manager, who decides the exact manner in which the production activities are to be carried out. Ritesh also prepared a statement showing the requirement of workers in the factory throughout the year. Nishant informed Ritesh about his sales target for different products areawise for the forthcoming quarter. A penalty of Rs 200 per day was announced for the workers who found smoking in the factory premises.

Quoting lines from the above para identify and explain the different types of plans discussed.


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Solution for concept: Concept of Planning. For the courses CBSE (Arts), CBSE (Commerce), CBSE (Science)