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Write the Differences Between: Actin and Myosin - CBSE (Science) Class 11 - Biology

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Write the differences between: Actin and Myosin


  Actin Myosin
1 Found in both A and I bands Found only in A band of sarcomere
2 Thinner (0.005 mm) but shorter (2- 2.6 mm) than myosin filaments  Thicker (0.01 mm) but longer (4.5 mm) than actin filaments
3 Cross bridges absent,hence have smooth surface Cross bridges present, hence have rough surface
4 More numerous than myosin filaments, six of them surround each myosin filament Fewer than actin filaments
5 Free at one end and are joined to Z-line by other end Freeat both the ends
6 Consist of 3 protiens: actin, tropomysin and troponin Consist of 2 proteins : myosin and meromyosin
7 Slide into H-zone during muscle contraction Do not slide during muscle contraction
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Solution Write the Differences Between: Actin and Myosin Concept: Concept of Muscle.
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