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Write the Difference Between : Red and White Muscles - CBSE (Science) Class 11 - Biology

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Write the difference between : Red and White muscles


  Red muscle fibre White muscle fibre
1 They are thin They are much thicker
2 They contain abundant mitochondria, low glycogen content and poorly formed sarcoplasmic They are poor in mitochondria, and have abundant glycogen granules and well formed sarcoplasmic reticulum
3 They are dark red as they contain abundant pigment myoglobin They are light in colour as they have vary little myoglobin
4 Their myoglobin stores O2 as oxymyoglobin that releases Ofor oxidation during muscle contraction They have little or no store of oxygen
5 They get energy for contraction by aerobic respiration They get energy for contraction mainly by anaerobic respiration
6 They accumulate little lactic acid They accumulate lactic acid during strenuous work
7 They undergo slow sustained contractions for long periods They undergo fast contractions for short periods 
8 They are not fatigued with work They soon get fatigued with work

They are innervated by thin, slow conducting nerve fibres.

Example: Extensor muscles of the back in man

They are innervated by thick, fast conducting nerve fibres.

Example: Eyeball muscles

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 NCERT Solution for Biology Textbook for Class 11 (2018 to Current)
Chapter 20: Locomotion and Movement
Q: 5.2 | Page no. 314

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Solution Write the Difference Between : Red and White Muscles Concept: Concept of Muscle.
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