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halogens strong oxidising agents - CBSE (Science) Class 12 - Chemistry

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Why are halogens strong oxidising agents?

Solution 1

The general electronic configuration of halogens is np5, where n = 2-6. Thus, halogens need only one more electron to complete their octet and to attain the stable noble gas configuration. Also, halogens are highly electronegative with low dissociation energies and high negative electron gain enthalpies. Therefore, they have a high tendency to gain an electron. Hence, they act as strong oxidizing agents.

Solution 2

The halogens are strong oxidising agents due to low bond dissociation enthalpy, high electronegativity and large negative electron gain enthalpy.

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 NCERT Solution for Chemistry Textbook for Class 12 (2018 to Current)
Chapter 7: The p-block Elements
Q: 23 | Page no. 207
Solution halogens strong oxidising agents Concept: Concept of Group 16 Elements.
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