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Write Short Answer of the Following. State the Responsibilities of Consumers. - HSC Commerce 12th Board Exam - Organisation of Commerce and Management

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Write short answer of the following.
State the responsibilities of consumers.

Solution 1

Some of the responsibilities of a consumer are:
i. To be aware - A consumer should be well aware of the availability of various goods and services. This enables him/her to make an informed decision.
ii. To be active - A consumer should always be active while making the purchase and look for fair deals along with verifying the certification marks before purchasing goods. These marks include ISI (in case of electrical goods) and AGMARK (in case of agricultural goods).
iii. To protect environment - A consumer should take care of his/her surrondings, He should use environment friendly products and should ensure that the disposal of goods do not harm the environment around.
iv. To work together - Consumers should promote and protect the interest of other consumers. They should educate them about the rights of the consumers and work together to form consumer organisations so as to attain consumer welfare.
v. To ensure honest transactions - A consumer should always go for legal transactions and discourage illegal trade practices such as black marketing and hoarding.
vi. To ensure safety - A consumer should carefully read the manual and instructions provided by the manufacturer so as to ensure safe use of the product. For example, instructions provided on electrical appliances must be carefully read before using them.

Solution 2

Responsibilities of Consumers are as under: -

  1. Critical Awareness: -It is the responsibility of the consumer to be alert and question about the price and quality of the goods and services he buys and uses. Consumers should look, listen and ask questions. He should assess the value for money, value for people and the value for environment.
  2. Action: -It is the Consumer's responsibility to be assertive (self-confident) and acts to ensure that he gets a fair deal. As long as he remains as a passive (inactive) Consumer he will continue to be exploited. When something is wrong, one should act to put it right.
  3. Social Concern: -It is the responsibility of a consumer to be aware of the impact of his use of consumer goods and services on the citizens, especially disadvantage and powerless groups whether in the local, regional or international community. He needs to make sure that the products and services he uses are not produced in an environmental that harms others.
  4. Environmental Concern: -The consumer should understand environmental and other consequences of his consumption. He should recognize his individual and collective responsibilities to conserve natural resources and protect the earth for future generations.
  5. Sustainable Consumption: -The Consumer, before buying goods or before availing services should satisfy himself about the need for the same and also should consume only up to his requirement and should not let goods or services go waste.
  6. Working Together: -A consumer should the responsibility to promote and protect the interest of consumers. One should organize consumers and make them work together for the welfare of all consumers at large.
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 Micheal Vaz Solution for Micheal Vaz Class 12 Organisation of Commerce and Management (2019 to Current)
Chapter 5: Consumer Protection
Write short answer of the following. | Q: 8 | Page no. 138
 2014-2015 (March) (with solutions)
Question 5.3 | 5.00 marks
Solution Write Short Answer of the Following. State the Responsibilities of Consumers. Concept: Concept of Consumer Protection.
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