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Suman bought a box of cheese of a reputed brand from a local shopkeeper. On opening the box she found a piece of stone in the cheese. She reported the matter to the shopkeeper who forwarded her complaint to the concerned company. Within a week the representative of the company visited Suman's residence with an apology and as a replacement offered her a new cheese pack with four other varieties of cheese as compensation for the inconvenience to her.

State the consumer right which Suman exercised.


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State the responsibilities of consumers.

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In modern competitive market consumer is regarded as ____________ 
(a) king
(b) agency
(c) superintendent


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 State the ways and means of consumer protection.

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Manvendra always went to a specific shop to buy all consumable and nonconsumable goods. In this shop variety of products of different brands were displayed nicely and the sales person available also gave good sales presentation if required. But this shop was quite far off from his residence. His friend Annant always wondered why Manvendra wastes so much time in going to that shop where as there were many big brand shops situated near his residence having consumable and non-consumable goods. Annant asked Manvendra the reason of going to that particular shop. Manvendra told that he was exercising one of his ‘Rights’ which he could not exercise in near-by big brand shops.

State the consumer’s right which Manvendra had exercised.

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write short note on Consumer Rights

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Solution for concept: Concept of Consumer Protection. For the courses 12th CBSE (Arts), 12th CBSE (Commerce), 12th CBSE (Science)