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Explain Briefly Any Three Semantic Barriers to Communication - CBSE (Commerce) Class 12 - Business Studies

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Explain briefly any three semantic barriers to communication

Explain any three semantic barriers to effective communication.


Semantic barriers to communication refer to barriers where there is a problem in decoding the message because of factors such as difficulty in interpretation, wrong translations or wrong use of words. Some causes of semantic barriers:

  • Badly expressed message: There may be difficulty in expressing the information because of poor vocabulary or wrong use of words.
  • Symbols with different meanings: Sometimes, a single word may have many different meanings. In such cases, it may be difficult for the receiver to interpret the intended meaning of the word.
  • Faulty translations: Sometimes, it may happen that there is a language barrier between workers such that the level of proficiency of a language may be different for the two. For instance, while managers may be proficient in English, workers may not be proficient in English. In such cases, information must be appropriately translated. However, in the process of translation, information may get misinterpreted.
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Solution Explain Briefly Any Three Semantic Barriers to Communication Concept: Concept of Communication.
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