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Write a Short Note on Bryophyllum. - ICSE Class 8 - Biology

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Write a short note on Bryophyllum.


Bryophyllum: It is a beautiful plant grown in gar xerophyte plant and can grow in any type soil or container. It requires sun and watering time to time. We can grow it vegetatively.

When a leaf is put on the soil or falls off accidentally from the parent plant. It starts giving out buds in the notches of the leaves. These buds start growing when in touch with soil having moisture. They give out adventitious roots which go into the soil and small aerial shoots which go into the air. So these adventitious buds form many plants from a single plant. Thus we can get many plants from a single leaf. We can grow these tiny plants into separate pots to get independent plants. This is one of the vegetative mode of reproduction.

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Solution Write a Short Note on Bryophyllum. Concept: Concept of Asexual Reproduction.
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