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Describe the Various Methods of Vegetative Reproduction. - ICSE Class 8 - Biology

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Describe the various methods of vegetative reproduction.


Vegetative reproduction is an asexual method of reproduction in plants where no seeds are produced but plant parts give rise to new plants. Various methods of vegetative reproduction are:

  1. Vegetative propagation by roots: New plants arise from the swollen roots buried in the soil.
    Example: Sweet potato, dahlia, Asparagus.
  2. Vegetative propagation by leaves: Buds and plantlets along the leave’s margin detach and form new plants.
    Example: Begonia, Bryophyllum.
  3. Vegetative propagation by stems: Many plants multiply by stems or their modifications like:
    (a) Potato is an underground swollen stem (tuber) which has eyes that form new plants.
    (b) Ginger is a modified underground swollen stem (rhizome) which has buds to form new plants.
    (c) Gladiolus and saffron have short swollen underground stem (corm) forming new plants.
    (d) Strawberry has long stems called runners. Buds on them form new plants.
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Solution Describe the Various Methods of Vegetative Reproduction. Concept: Concept of Asexual Reproduction.
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