Composition : Rewrite the Story Extract as If Oliver is the Narrator. You May Begin As: "I Had No Knowledge of Where My Brother Was ..... "Oliver, Therefore, Had No Knowledge of Where - English

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Answer in Brief

Composition :
Rewrite the story extract as if Oliver is the narrator.
[ You may begin as: "I had no knowledge of where my brother was ..... "]

        Oliver, therefore, had no knowledge of where his brother was, but Frederick refused to believe this. 'You have not seen him since the wrestling match!' he said disbelievingly. 'Sir, sir, that cannot be! You must find your brother, wherever he is. Do not dare to come back without him! If you do not bring him to me, dead or alive, within the year. I will take all your land and possessions and you will not be allowed to live anywhere within my dukedom'.
       And so Oliver also set out for the forest of Arden, in search of his brother Orlando. Rosalind and Celia. with the faithful Touchstone, wandered through the forest for many days. They grew so tired and hungry that they felt they could go on no longer in search of Rosalind's father, but at last they met a shepherd who told them that his master had a cottage for sale. They thankfully
bought the cottage and lived there, wandering through the forest every day and returning to the little house at night.
       Although Rosalind did not know it, her father was not very far away. He and the faithful lords who had accompanied him were happily settled in the forest. They had grown to love the simple
life they led. They found it safer and more sweet than the life of
the court, where people were often greedy and jealous and cruel.
They had enough food for their needs because they could 'hunt
the deer in the forest and grow their own fruit and vegetables.
They were full of contentment and good cheer.

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Concept: Narration
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