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Complete the Sentences on the Right with Appropriate Compound Nouns Related to the Two-word Verbs Used in the Sentences on the Left. - English Language

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Complete the sentences on the right with appropriate compound nouns related to the two-word verbs used in the sentences on the left.

I. setbacks II. Tip-offs III. passers-by IV. Upbringing

1. The police were waiting for a. Harry had a very the thieves. Someone must strict _____ and was have tipped them off. glad to move away from his parents. 2. As I passed by her house, I b. The engine fault was could see people dancing in the latest of several —the front room. in the development of the car. 3. She was born and brought up c. We received several in central London. _____ that there would be an attempted break-out at the prison. 4. The injury has set back his d. The man was leaning chances of being fit to play out of the window, in the find shouting at ____ in the street below. 


  • I-4-b, II-1-c, III-2-d, IV-3-a

  • II-3-c, III-2-b, IV-1-a, I-4-d

  • II-1-c,I-2-d,IV-3-a, III-4-b

  • I-3-b, II-4-c, III-1-d, IV-2-a

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I-4-b, II-1-c, III-2-d, IV-3-a

Concept: Fill in the Blanks (Entrance Exams)
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