Complete the Sentences on the Right with Appropriate Compound Nouns Related to the Two-word Verbs Used in the Sentences on the Left - English Language


Complete the sentences on the right with appropriate compound nouns related to the two-word verbs used in the sentences on the left.

I. flashbacks II. Telling off III. hideout IV. downpour (i) (ii)

1. The teacher told me off for a. The children have a for handing in my homework secret _____at the late. bottom of the garden. 2. My mind flashed back b. I was caught in a to the time when I was sudden _____and got living in Stockholm. soaked through. 3. The escaped prisoners crept c. My father gave me an into an old barn and hid good _____for out until it got dark. knocking down his Prize roses. 4. The rain was Pouring d. There are a number of -down as we got out _____ in the film to the of the taxi. time before the robbery.


  • I-1 -a, II-2-b, III-3-c, IV-4-d

  • II-1-c, I-2-d, III-3-a, IV-4-b

  • II-1-c, I-2-d, IV -3-a, III-4-b

  • I-4-d, II-3-c, III-2-b, IV-1-a



II-1-c, I-2-d, III-3-a, IV-4-b

Concept: Fill in the Blanks (Entrance Exams)
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