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Complete the Following Sentences About the Poem. - English - Communicative

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ConceptWriting and Grammar


Complete the following sentences about the poem.

  1. In the first stanza, the poet refers to four pieces of evidence: large shoes, a long bed, the Bible, fields cluttered with boulders and a leaky barn. This leads the poet to conclude that ‘the man of the house’ was ________________
  2. I think that the child was probably about six years old because_____________ .
  3. The poet suggests that a woman lived in the farmhouse because______________ .
  4. The family probably left the farmhouse because____________________________ .


  1. a tall, well built and god-fearing poor man and was not a farmer.
  2. simplicity and functionality of toys indicate that the child was neither too young nor too old.
  3. there was lilac on the wallpaper and oil­cloth in the kitchen.
  4. most of the items were there in the house and weeds had cropped up in the yard.
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Solution Complete the Following Sentences About the Poem. Concept: Writing and Grammar.
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