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Complete the following news item by choosing the correct word from the options given below.

(a) (i) has celebrated                                 
(ii) was celebrating
(iii) celebrated
(iv) was celebrated

(b) (i) were
(ii) was
(iii) was being
(iv) has been
(c) (i) was inaugurating
(ii) had inaugurated
(iii) inaugurated
(iv) inaugurating
(d) (i) had been planting
(ii) planted
(iii) were planting
(iv) had planted
(e) (i) had urged
(ii) had been urging
(iii) urged
(iv) urging
(f) (i) presented
(ii) was presented
(iii) were presenting
(iv) had presented


Vana Mahotsava Celebrated at PPS School
                                                                                        -- Aastha/ Anshul, Secretary Green Fingers
Vanamahotsava (a) was celebrated by Green Fingers, the Environment Club of the school, with great enthusiasm on the 24th August.

The District Forest Officer, Mr S. D. Bhambri (b) was the chief guest. He (c) inaugurated the Bio-diversity Park in the school. The Principal, Ms Rajni Patel, (d) planted a sapling in the Park.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Bhambri (e) urged the students to plant more trees and to launch a campaign to save the environment. Students of the Primary Wing of the school (f)  presented a skit on conservation of the environment.

Concept: Writing and Grammar
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Chapter 1.1: Verb Forms - Exercises [Page 17]


CBSE Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English
Chapter 1.1 Verb Forms
Exercises | Q 18.2 | Page 17


Answer the following question briefly:

Do you think Private Quelch learnt a lesson when he was chosen for cookhouse duties?

Answer the following question.

Think about million little ways in which the rain embraces the trees. Mention a few of

Amit from Hyderabad has got admission in a college at Bengaluru. He has to share his room with another boy. When he arrives at the hostel he learns that his room mate has gone home for a few days. Based on his observations of the room, Amit writes a letter to his friend, Sumit, about his new room mate. (You may use some of the expressions suggested in C.3.) As Amit, write the letter. 
In your writing, remember to follow CODER 

Below are some incomplete sentences about the story. Complete each sentence appropriately, according to the story. 

1. Slava Kurilov was in the water because he ... 
Evidence for this is ... 
2. His biggestmistakewaswhenhe ... 
3. He decided to die because ... 
4. He was carried towards the lagoon when he decided to ... 

Edit the following narrative by choosing the appropriate word from the options given at the end of the paragraph.

(a) Wander along the streets of New York City, my daughters and (b) me stop at shoe stores wherever we (c) happens to be. This is their choice. These women, who as little (d) girl, teetered around the house (e) balances like cranes in my mother’s high heels. I (f) sits on the bench and wait while they try on shoe (g) on shoe readjusting their positions in (h) mirror, eyes downcast considering their feet. 

“So?” one of them (i) will ask me. “What do you think of these?” “I love them,” say about (j) all pairs.

(a) (i) wandered (ii) wandering (iii) were wandering (iv) was wandering
(b) (i) they (ii) I (iii) we (iv) us
(c) (i) happen (ii) happened (iii) are happening (iv) are happened
(d) (i) girls (ii) woman (iii) boys (iv) people
(e) (i) are balancing (ii) is balancing (iii) balanced (iv) balance
(f) (i) sit (ii) am sitting (iii) sat (iv) was sitting
(g)  (i) after (ii) before (iii) in (iv) by
(h) (i) that (ii) the (iii) their (iv) x
(i) (i) is asking (ii) asks (iii) are asking (iv) asked
(j) (i) every (ii) few (iii) some (iv) a

(a) Write three similar quiz questions on a piece of paper as part of homework.
(b) Pairwork: Swap questions with your partner. Write the answers to your partner’s questions and return them to be marked by your partner.

Fill in the blanks :

1. The next generation is not likely to see the tiger because of _________________________
2. ________________ laws against poachers must be enforced. 
3. The responsibility of protection of the tiger lies with the ___________________
4. One of the reasons for Tiger becoming extinct is _______________
5. Destroying nature means ________________
6. ___________________ , ________________ ,and _______________ are different types of tigers. 
7. ______________ is a wild life conservation project. 
8. Tigers are found in the evergreen and monsoon forests of the ______________
9. Though tigers are mostly nocturnal, __________ species may also be active during the day. 
10. The body length of the tiger is _______________ cm. 

Mysteries can be divided into several categories. There are puzzling stories, detective I crime stories, and suspense stories. They all give the reader a chance to become involved in the solution of the story through clues and character descriptions. 

Before you start to write, think about the characters you might put in your story. 
• What will each character do? 
• Why is he or she important to the story? 
• In what ways are your characters alike? 
• How are they different? 
• What can your characters learn from each other? 
• One last thing to remember: your characters don't always have to be human. If an animal plays a part in the story, that animal is a character, too 
A story has to happen in a place. 
• The setting might be a place you are familiar with. 
• It might even be another planet! 
• A setting doesn't even have to be a real place. 
• Use your Imagination. 
• Details help readers understand how something looks, how it feels, how it sounds - even how something smells or tastes! 
• Your characters have to DO something! 
• What they do is the Plot of your story. 
• To make the plot exciting add Situations. 
• The Ending of a story is the solution to the conflict. 
• Solve the problem, dilemma or conflict faced by the main character. 
• Show that your main character has changed or grown in some way. 
• Tie up all the loose ends. Readers shouldn't have to choose between several hinted endings. 

Study the following sentences. Select the one underlined word which is incorrect. Write the incorrect answer in the boxes provided. One has been done as an example.

e.g. The National Gallery of Art at Washington D.C., is one of the world’s greatest museums.


(a) Millions of people had entered its doors to see the paintings by some of the world’s finest artists


(b) But if, those priceless masterpieces are to be preserved, the gallery must protected them carefully.


(c) The 150 guards have successively prevented damage and theft.


(d) But, protecting the paintings from nature was a greater problem.


Prepositions of Location
Picture Dictation
Work in pairs - Student A and Student B. Student A only (picture given below) - . Keep the picture secret from Student B. Describe exactly what you see to Student B, who must draw the picture from the information given. At the end, compare the two pictures. Draw your picture in the box below.


In the middle there’s a small house. Behind the house there are two hills. Several birds are flying over the house…


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