Compare the climates of Brazil and India. - Geography

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Answer in Brief

Compare the climates of Brazil and India.

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Climate of India Climate of Brazil
1. India has a monsoon type of climate. Brazil experiences a wide range of variations in climate. For E.g. the climate is hot near the equator while it is temperate near the Tropic of Capricorn.
2. In India, the average temperature is higher throughout the year since the sun’s rays are perpendicular up to the Tropic of Cancer that passes through it. In Brazil, the equator cuts across the northern part of the country which results in 25° C to 28° C of average temperature in the Amazon Valley.
3. The temperature in the northern states of India is cold. The temperature increases towards the southern states. The northern part of Brazil is generally hot while in the southern part, the temperature is comparatively lower.
4. India receives rainfall due to the South-west monsoon winds and the rainfall is mainly of orographic rain. Brazil receives the orographic type of rainfall from the South-east Trade winds & North-east Trade winds and the rainfall in the northern part of Brazil is of conventional type.
5. Tropical cyclones occur frequently in India. Tropical cyclones occur rarely in Brazil.
Concept: Climate of India
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