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Compare the Structures of H2o and H2o2. - Chemistry

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ConceptWater Structure of Water


Compare the structures of H2O and H2O2.

Solution 1

In gaseous phase, the water molecule has a bent form with a bond angle of 104.5°. The O–H bond length is 95.7 pm. The structure can be shown as:

Hydrogen peroxide has a non-planar structure both in gas and solid phase. The dihedral angle in gas and solid phase is 111.5° and 90.2° respectively.

Solution 2

In water, O is sp3 hybridized. Due to stronger lone pair-lone pair repulsions than bond pair-bond pair repulsions, the HOH bond angle decreases from 109.5° to 104.5°. Thus water molecule has a bent structure.

H2O2 has a non-planar structure. The O—H bonds are in different planes. Thus, the structure of H2O2 is like an open book.

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Solution Compare the Structures of H2o and H2o2. Concept: Water - Structure of Water.
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