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Compare and contrast the attitude of the ant and the cricket. - English

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Long Answer

Compare and contrast the attitude of the ant and the cricket.

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Solution 1

  • Introduction:
    In this poem, the poet brings out the idea of hard work. The poem is taken from Aesop’s fables. Let us see the comparison between the ant and the cricket.
  • Attitude of Cricket:
    The cricket was so lazy. It sat alone and sang happily along with the summer. It didn’t worry about the future. It didn’t save anything for the winter. I enjoyed singing all through the summer.
  • Attitude of Ant:
    The Ant was hard-working in nature. It worked hard and saved food for the winter. It never borrows or lends from anyone.
  • Comparison:
    The poet projects the cricket as a borrower and the ant as neither borrower nor a lender. However, the attitude of the ant in the last stanza is quite disappointing because the ant sent away the poor little cricket.
  • Conclusion:
    Through this poem, the poet tells us not to be like the cricket and he advises us to work hard and plan for the future like the wise ant.

Solution 2

Title: The Ant and the Cricket
Author: Aesop
Characters: Ant and Cricket
Theme: Contrast is the shadow of comparison.

In this poem ‘The Ant and the Cricket’, we find the good and bad nature of the ant and the cricket respectively. The cricket is lazy. He sang and danced during the summer. The ant was wise and hard working. It saves its food for winter.

It teaches us the moral values of life. It never borrows nor lends. It’s lives on this principle. It has no concern over the foolish cricket. It tells that it is a servant and friend of the cricket. It sends the cricket out of its house without giving anything. This shows the ant is hard working and clever.

‘Work while you work; play while you play;
That’s the way to be happy and gay’.

Solution 3

  1. The ant and the cricket are the two creatures.
  2. The ant is wise and hard working.
  3. It saves food for the winter season.
  4. It never borrows nor lends.
  5. The cricket is a little lazy creature.
  6. It sings and dances during the warm summer.
  7. In winter it has no food to eat.
  8. It went to the ant to borrow and repay tomorrow.
  9. But the ant sends him without giving anything.
  10. This story teaches a lesson to human beings.
  11. We must work hard and save money for the future.
Concept: Poetry (Class 10th)
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Samacheer Kalvi English Class 10th SSLC Tamil Nadu State Board
Chapter 4.2 The Ant and the Cricket
Exercise | Q C. 2. | Page 119
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