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Commands, Requests and Advice in Indirect Speech: Rewrite the Following in Indirect Speech: the General Said," Move the Tanks to the Battlefield Immediately." - English Core

Fill in the Blanks

Commands, requests and advice in indirect speech:
Rewrite the following in indirect speech :

a) The General said," Move the tanks to the battlefield immediately."

b) "Don't drive too fast", the instructor said to me.

c) "Iflwereyou, I'd buythatpropertyimmediately", theagentsaid toAnwar.

d) "Why don't you change into something more comfortable?" he said to his guest.


e) "Go on, taste it", said the cook to the guest.


• You will notice that direct commands, requests and advice are usually
expressed by a suitable reporting verb in indirect speech (Refer Section B)

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(a) The General ordered to move the tanks to the battlefield immediately.

(b) The instructor warned me not to drive too fast.

(c) The agent told Anwar that if he were him, he would buy that property immediately.

(d) He asked his guest why he didn’t change into something more comfortable.

(e) The cook urged the guest to taste it (the dish).

Concept: Writing Skill
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative Work Book (Interact in English)
Chapter 13 Reported Speech (Integrated Grammar practice 8)
Exercise C | Q 3 | Page 259
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