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Collect Information and Write a Report on the Environmental Situation in Rural India. Examples Topics: Pesticides; Declining Water Table; Impact of Prawn Farming in Coastal Areas; Salination of Soil - Sociology

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Collect information and write a report on the environmental situation in rural India. Examples of topics: pesticides; declining water table; impact of prawn farming in coastal areas; salination of soil and waterlogging in canal irrigated areas; loss of biodiversity. Possible source: State of India’s Environment Reports: Reports from Centre for Science and Development Down to Earth.

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The environmental situation of rural India is not very good. The negative impacts of various means of agriculture are :-

1. Use of Pesticides :- Pesticides are the chemical preparations used to protect the agricultural produce from fungal and animal pests. They have negative impact on environment. The pesticides sprayed on the agricultural fields pollute the air not only of that area but they are carried away to other areas also. The pesticides pollute the water when they when they move from field to the water off nearby dreams and Ponds and rivers with rain water. The use of pesticides also adversely affect soil conservation.

2. Soil salinity :- Salinization is the process of increasing salt content in the soil which is the result of irrigation. The negative impacts of salinity are :-

  1. It adversely affects the plant growth and yield
  2. In damages the infrastructure like roads, bricks, cables, pipes, etc
  3. It reduces the water quality and results in soil erosion

3. Waterlogging :- It means saturation of soil with water. Waterlogging results in soil salinity.

4. The Other negative environmental impacts of modern agriculture are listed below :-

  1. Land conversion and Habitat loss
  2. Wasteful water consumption
  3. Soil erosion and degradation
  4. Pollution and climate change
Concept: Globalisation, Liberalisation, and Rural Society
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NCERT Class 12 Sociology - Social Change and Development in India
Chapter 4 Change and Development in Rural Society
Exercise | Q 8 | Page 71
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