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Closed Circuit Television (Cctv) Must Be Installed in Every Class Room. Give Your Views Either for Or Against this Statement. - English 1 (English Language)

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Answer in Brief

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) must be installed in every class room. 

Give your views either for or against this statement.

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Surveillance cameras can offer quality security assurance. Parents of school going kids are often found disturbed with the rising number of incidents of classroom violence. This menace can be handled adequately when the classroom is under the pair of monitoring eyes! It is the need of the hour that every school authority set up number of CCTV cameras in the school premises particularly in the classroom. Understanding how these prying eyes can avert undesired events will definitely serve you better!

Benefits of CCTV cameras are : 

In this super busy world, it is not possible to be present everywhere, thus, CCTV cameras are a boon. We have listed below some of the key benefits of CCTV cameras, take a look - 

  •  Security cameras largely help school authorities to track each and every event that unfolds in the classroom. This can help more than the surprise visits from authorities.
  • With the presence of CCTV cameras, discipline can be easily achieved. Whenever human minds are aware that they are being monitored throughout, they easily deter from engaging in hooliganism. t is the responsibility of the school authorities to strengthen the security in school premises with the string of security cameras.
  • In recent times, reports of students becoming victims of teachers’ barbarism has been on the rise. An effective way to curb this menace is to monitor teachers’ behaviour in the classroom. Important questions such as: how they teach? How do they behave with children? All are answered with surveillance. This is an important issue as children of impressionable age can often grow up to be under-confident due to teacher abuse. 
  • There is always a bunch of unruly students in every school; they often disrupt discipline and resort to bullying. The best way you can keep an eye on them is through these security cameras where every single child can be focused on. The lens helps to point out the unruly kids and the authorities can deal with them immediately or later. Thus, CCTV cameras also help in building a better future for your kids. 
  • Although educational institutions are meant for imparting education, often we get news of disturbing incidents that have taken place there. The instances of school and classroom violence and vandalism are what we are talking about! Unfortunate incidences like death of students also occurs in schools, these often lead to the need of thorough probe or investigation. With the help of security cameras, justice can be achieved, by checking the series of events that unfolded on the particular day. It is needless to say how helpful these tiny cameras are. 
  • During emergency situation, students’ safety is the primary concern of school authorities. It is needless to say CCTV cameras can help immensely during such situations by tracking each and every moment. Security cameras are the alternatives of security guards as where human eye cannot reach CCTV camera bridges the gap and facilitates by increasing the security system stringently. You can feel safe when you send your children to the school which follows a strong security and safety measures throughout and not to a school where the security system is not strong enough. 
  •  Any kind of crime and violence in school is not acceptable! And on top of that if the accused slips away without getting caught! You will never want such situation to happen when it can be averted easily with the help of CCTV cameras. Whenever a student is a victim or a teacher is a victim the situation requires strict action so that it is not repeated a second time. For this it is necessary to catch the accused at the right time. 
  • Ragging is unacceptable and immediate action must be taken whenever an incident of ragging is reported. The best way to deal with such undesired situation is by installing the security cameras everywhere is the school and college premises including the classroom, which can help to catch the accused in no time! 
  •  String of small lenses can free the society of heinous crimes which are regularly reported from the premises of schools. Schools being the warehouses of tomorrow’s future need to be made safe. In order to maintain a healthy educational environment immediately install CCTV cameras!!
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