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Geography: Western Plains - Concept of Western Plains

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Explain the climatic characteristics of Punjab –Haryana Plain.

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Climatic characteristics of Punjab and Haryana Plains
a. The Punjab and Haryana Plains experience the monsoon type of climate in which winters are extremely cold and summers are extremely hot.

b. The annual range of temperature in the plain region varies from 20C° to 400C°.

c. The months of May and June are extremely hot. The season is marked with the blowing of hot and dry winds called ‘loo’. Dust winds and occasional showers may also follow the loo. 

d. There is a decrease in rainfall as one moves away from the Siwalik Range along the Western Deserts.

e. Rainfall mainly occurs during the months of July to September. The region also receives rainfall in the winter months due to the western depression. The rainfall is useful for growing rabi crops.

Concept: Concept of Western Plains
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