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Classify the following fibre as natural or synthetic:



  • natural

  • synthetic



natural fibre

Concept: Fibre
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Chapter 3: Fibre to Fabric - Exercises [Page 24]


NCERT Science Class 6
Chapter 3 Fibre to Fabric
Exercises | Q 1. c) | Page 24


Very Short Answer Type Questions:

How many types of fibres are there?

Very Short Answer Type Questions:

Name two natural fibres.

Short Answer Type Question:

What are synthetic fibres?

Classify the following fibre as natural or synthetic:


Yarn is made from fibres.

Spinning is a process of making fibres.

Polyester is a natural fibre.

When you place a natural fibre in a flame it ______.

A natural fibre is called ______.

Which of these is a synthetic fiber?

Dacron is an example of artificial fibers.

Complete the Analogy:

Hemp: ______:: Wool: ______.

Terrycot is made by mixing two types of fibres. Write the names of the fibres.

A lady went to the market to buy a blanket. The shopkeeper showed her blankets made up of acrylic fibres as well as made up of wool. She preferred to buy an acrylic blanket. Can you guess why?

A polymer is a chain of many small units joined together which are
called ______.

A fibre similar to wool is ______.

List A List B
(a) nylon (i) non-stick coating
(b) PET (ii) electric switches
(c) rayon (iii) parachutes
(d) thermosetting plastics (iv) polyester
(e) teflon (v) artificial silk

Unscramble the jumbled words given below, related to synthetic material.


Complete the crossword given below with the help of clues.


  1. Substance used as synthetic wool. (7)
  2. A plastic used for making containers and carry bags. (9)
  3. Substance made up of large number of smaller molecules. (7)
  4. Another name for this compound is artificial silk. (5)


5. A type of fibre obtained naturally from cocoon. (4)
6. A synthetic fibre classified as polyester. (8)
7. A polymer used for making ropes. (5)

The rearing of silkworms for obtaining silk is called

Selective breeding is a process of

Hair trap a lot of _________, which is a poor _________ of heat.

Explain the phrase – “Unity is Strength” on the basis of the making of fabric from fibre

Write various steps for processing fibres into wool.

Which of these is a natural fiber?

Fibres that are made using raw materials from ______ are synthetic fibres.

Artificial fibres are stronger than natural fibres.

Which of the following is not a natural fibre?

Which set of substances is not used for making fibres?

Boojho wants to make yarn from fibre at home. Which of the following will he use to carry out the task?

The following is an answer given by Boojho to a question asked by his teacher - "Cotton, wool, silk and jute are classified as natural fibres whereas nylon and polyester are classified as synthetic fibres”.

Can you tell what question the teacher has asked?

Complete the given analogy.

Coir fibre : ______ :: Cotton fibre : Cotton Plant


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