Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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Choose Two Sentence that Appropriately Mention the Theme of the Passage : - English

Answer in Brief

     We were an argrarian people. And my main hobby in my early teens was to wander through paddy field to see the different kinds of birds and how they nest. On the outskirts of the paddy fields, there had been many coconut trees and black palm trees. Beautifully crafted nests of the weaver-birds thookkanaam kuruvikal-would be seen dangling from the ends of palm leaves. Hundreds of these little birds would land on the paddy to squeeze the milk from the tender rice. They would come to the fields when the young stalks come out of the rise-plants. At this stage of the paddy, my father would send me to our field with a tin drum to scare these birds away. But often I have enjoyed the sight of these little birds balancing on the tender stalks and squeezing the milk out of the green rice. When the paddy is ripe enough to harvest, flocks of parrots would land there and cut the ripe stalks with their sharp beaks and fly away with the stalks dangling in their beaks. I have always liked to see this sight also.
       The nest of parrots were neatly crafted holes in the trunks of palm trees. I continued to wonder how they made chose holes on the hard trunks until I saw the patient work of the woodpeckers. They were the carpenters and their long, sharp and strong beaks, chisels. They make the holes (in search of worms inside the weak spots of the trunks) and the parrots occupy them. If I heard the sound tak, tak, tak. I knew it was a woodpeckers chiselling a had trunk. I would go after him. It seems that the woodpecker is the only bird which can walk perpendicularly on the tree trunks! How beautiful the sight was! Its strong legs, red crest, the dark red stripe on the face and black beak and the tak, tak, tak sound used to captivate me

A1. Complete the following table :Choose two sentence that appropriately mention the theme of the passage :

(i) The extract deals with the techniques to scare the birds away.
(ii) The extract depicts how parrots make holes on the tree trunks.
(iii) The extract depicts the writer’s love towards the birds.
(iv) The extract deals with the activities of different birds.

A2. Complete the flow-chart : 

A3. Complete the following table :

A4. Vocabulary -

Match the pairs of the words in column ‘A’ with their meaning in column ‘B’ :

Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’
(i) dangling (a) connected with farming
(ii) squeezing (b) attract the attention
(iii) agrarian (c) hanging freely
(iv) captivate (d) pressing firmly

A5. Personal response - 

Suggest two measures to increase the number of birds.

A6. Grammer -

Rewrite the following sentences in the way instructed
(i) The paddy is ripe enough to harvest
(Remove ‘enough’ and rewrite the sentence.)
(ii) How beautiful the sight was!
(Rewritte as an assertive sentence)

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(iii) The extract depicts the writer’s love towards the birds.
(iv) The extract deals with the activities of different birds.




Column ‘A’  Column ‘B’
(i) dangling c) hanging freely
(ii) squeezing (d) pressing firmly
(iii) agrarian (a) connected with farming
(iv) captivate (b) attract the attention


Environment includes flora and fauna in which birds are also an important parts. There are several ways or measures to increase the member of birds. Few of them are :
• Restore natural habitat in your lacality. City parks and open space can be helpful.
• Plant more native which provides food, nest sides and cover for birds.
• Prevent bird collision with your windows as the reflection of your windows might confuse them.
• Stop kite – flying during Sankrant.
• Buy bird – friendly products which do not harm them by any means.
• Keep grains and water in your balcony for them.
• Keep cleanliness and do not litter.
• Protect birds from your pets.
• Avoid chemicals usage or pesticides on plants as birds eat them.
• Support bird club or other conservation organisation to learn more and contribute towards protecting birds.
• Learn hunting laws and create awareness among people.


(i)The paddy is so ripe that it can be harvest.
(ii) The sight was very beautiful.

Concept: Reading Skill
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