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Choose Three ‘Since’ Expressions and Three ‘For’ Expressions from the Table Above. Then Write Six Sentences Using the Pattern in the Box Below. - English - Communicative

Answer in Brief
Short Note

Choose three ‘since’ expressions and three ‘for’ expressions from the table above. Then write six sentences using the pattern in the box below.

I haven’t seen him since the day before yesterday.
I have not seen him for ages.

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(a) We have lived in Chandigarh since 2009.
(b) She has not visited me since Deepavali.
(c) He has not come here since 22nd June.
(d) I have not seen him for several weeks.
(e) I have owned a scooter for a decade now.
(f) This heap of rubbish has not been removed for 6 months.

Concept: Writing and Grammar
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CBSE Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English
Chapter 1.1 Verb Forms
Exercise | Q 10 | Page 9
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