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Choose the Option Which is Most Opposite in Meaning of the Underlined Word as Used in the Context of the Sentence. His Description of the Event Was Rather Pejorative. - English Language


Choose the option which is most Opposite in meaning of the underlined word as used in the context of the sentence.
His description of the event was rather pejorative.


  • laudatory

  • derogatory

  • predictive

  • abusive

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The meaning of the ‘pejorative’ is ‘derogatory/criticize so the opposite of ‘pejorative’ is ‘laudatory/praising’. The clue here is 'rather' as after this word mostly negative words are used so 'pejorative' will also have a negative connotation and opposite to this word should have a positive connotation. The only positive word here is 'laudatory'. 'predictive' has neutral connotation i.e. its meaning is 'pertaining to prediction/foretelling'.

Concept: Antonyms (Entrance Exams)
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