Choose the Most Appropriate Option. How Many Billionaires India Has Lost since Demonetization on November 8, 2016? - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


Choose the most appropriate option.
How many billionaires India has lost since demonetization on November 8, 2016?


  • Eighteen

  • Two

  • Eight

  • Eleven





India lost 11 billionaires since demonetization on  November 8, 2016. Mukesh Ambani still tops the list.

Concept: Economic Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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2016-2017 (May) Set 1


Choose the appropriate option:
Which of the following countries during 2019 provided lifetime personal tax exemption to women with four children?

Choose the appropriate alternative:
Name the organization, which released the report on food crises titled 'Global Report on Food Crises‘ annually.

Choose the appropriate alternative:
Which is the happiest country as per the 2019 World Happiness Index?

Choose the appropriate alternative:
The Headquarters of the Asian Development Bank is situated in

Which is the single policy rate to unambiguously signal the stance of monetary policy as recently recommended by RBI? 

Choose the most appropriate option.
India's third-largest trading partner during 2016 is

Mark the best option:
Which of the following is/are example(s) of consumer goods?

  1. Machinery
  2. Jewelry
  3. Automobiles
  4. Land
  5. Labour

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

Mark the best option:
The ___________________on 17 August 2016 was incorporated. In this regard, it has received the Certificate of Incorporation (CI)from the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs under the Companies Act, 2013.

IRDA stands for

The scarcity definition of economics is credited to

Who among the following considered as the 'father of artificial intelligence'?

Mark the best option:
Under the “Make In India Programme”, the 100 MW project was commissioned using domestically manufactured cells and modules in which state?

Name the Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot that has been taught by researchers to identify galaxies in deep space.

Which among the following closest instrument to Gold ETF?

What percentage of Emp|oyees Provident Fund can be invested in equity shares?

What is the meaning of ‘Gilt Edged Market’?

A company is said to be 'Sick' when the accumulated loss at  the end of any financial year leads to erosion of_______percent of its net wealth.

A wealth tax on the agricultural property is levied by

The functions of the Reserve Bank of India are:
I. issuing all notes and coins 
II. distributing all notes and coins 
III. formulating monetary policy 
IV. acting as an agent of the government in respect of India’s  membership of the IMF 

What do you understand by Bear Raid? 

Which of the following is the oldest stock exchange in India?

In the context of the banking sector in India, what does 'G' stand for in 'RTGS'?

The index titled SENSEX of BSE (erstwhile Bombay Stock Exchange) is an index of trading of top ______ companies in terms of their volume of trade and their share prices.

ln which year was the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Bank (NABARD) established?

Fiscal policy helps the government of a country to control the flow of ______.

Which of the following bodies recommends nummum support price for crops?

Which country is hosting the World Sustainable Development Summit 2022?

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas has been named as the new Chief Economist of which international body?

The G-20 group has how many members as its leaders?

World Trade Organization came into existence in ______.


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