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Choose the Meaning of the Underlined Idiom/Phrase in the Given Sentence. the Customer Care Executive Goes an Extra Mile to Discuss the Benefits of the Special Scheme. - English Language


choose the meaning of the underlined idiom/phrase in the given sentence.
The customer care executive goes an extra mile to discuss the benefits of the special scheme.


  • does more than expected

  • shies away from physical labour

  • makes no effort

  • None of the above

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does more than expected
To go an extra mile means doing something more than expected.
Shies away from physical labour means lazy.
Makes no effort means to do nothing. As the question mentions that the customer care executive went an extra mile to discuss the benefits of the special scheme means that he discussed the benefits of a special scheme at length.

Concept: Idioms and Phrases (Entrance Exams)
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